Northwest BC

There’s no comparison to its vast, lush landscapes; adventures, right-at-your-fingertips; short commutes from affordable homes; and of course – endless opportunities. Northwest BC is calling. What’s holding you back?


Truly embraced by nature. From above, this modern community is situated in the middle of a lush and magical greenbelt. On the ground, Kitimat offers everything you need and is prepared for unprecedented economic growth.

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Prince Rupert

A seaside, cosmopolitan city with a world-class port and scenic geography that still maintains a charming small town vibe. Rich in history, culture and service offerings, Prince Rupert is easily accessible and experiencing an exciting new wave of development.

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Named for the way the land on which it sits rises from the river, Terrace is the undeniable heart of Northwest BC. A gateway and home to some of the best outdoor adventures in the province and a hub for the region.

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The Hazeltons

More quaint than their neighbours and arguably the most picturesque – these relaxed and welcoming communities are shaped by their roots in First Nations and pioneer culture and are full of potential. A haven far away from the hectic energy of city living.

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Get the job. Done.

Opportunity awaits

Imagine: cross-sector demand, high-paying jobs, upward mobility, countless opportunities for entrepreneurs and short commutes.

This region is rapidly growing—there is no better time and no better set of circumstances than right now to say farewell to a city that’s holding you back.

You deserve more from life. Opportunity is knocking and Northwest BC is calling your name.

live at a natural pace

What’s life like here?

We’ve all heard it: the west coast is the best coast. It’s true. If you’re considering a change, explore what life could be like in Northwest BC.

Nature and world-class adventure at your doorstep, affordable housing, modern amenities, laid-back vibes, a real sense of community, and thriving cultural scenes.

Our license plates don’t read Beautiful British Columbia for nothing. What are you waiting for?

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Ready to explore what life in Northwest BC could look like? The region may just be the change you’re looking for.

Kitimat, Prince Rupert, Terrace and the Hazeltons are communities full of opportunity, each with their own unique offerings. Plan your future in NWBC.

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