The Hazeltons

More quaint than their neighbours and arguably the most picturesque – the Hazeltons are a collection of communities full of potential that have been shaped by their roots in First Nations and pioneer culture.

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Here are some key facts about the Hazeltons:


Year of Incorporation

28 km²



Population (2016 census)


Avg. Housing Price (2020)

The Hazeltons, BC

Some of the most quaint and picturesque areas of Northwest BC are in the Hazeltons, named after the hazel bushes that grow thick in the area. Made up of several communities – District of New Hazelton, Village of Hazelton and South Hazelton – the Hazeltons offer a unique blend of small town charm, nature, First Nations culture and pioneer history.

The Bulkley River and Skeena River flow through the Hazeltons, which sit at the base of the magnificent Roche de Boule Range. The historic Hagwilget Canyon Bridge is a single-lane steel suspension bridge and a favorite among locals and tourists alike for its exhilarating and very scenic crossing high above the Bulkley River.

The Hazelton area has been the traditional territory of the Gitxsan and Wet’suwet’en First Nations for over 7,000 years.


There is big potential in the Hazeltons. Combined, the communities have the necessary conditions for successful tourism businesses. While more rural than other neighbouring communities, the Hazeltons have the fiber optic internet and logistical infrastructure in place for prospective businesses. The Hazeltons offers you all the beauty of a rural lifestyle combined with the opportunity to work remotely, operate your home-based business or study online.

Officials are also working to attract new businesses, permanent professionals and specialists. Anyone looking to set up a Northwest BC hub for their business should consider the Hazeltons for office options. As the Hazeltons grow, service industry entrepreneurs would be savvy to capitalize on this growing community and open restaurants and pubs. Much needed roles to be filled include physicians, social workers, and caregivers.

And while the population of the Hazeltons is small, the communities serve a larger population throughout the region as they are a hub and service area for the Kispiox valley, Two Mile, and the Kitwanga area.

Hot tip: land in the Hazeltons is very inexpensive! $5000 to $10,000 can get you a serviced lot. Plus, with a local hardware store in Hazeltons and bigger supply stores in nearby Smithers and Terrace, renovations and home improvements projects are made easy!

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Key Industries

  • Public administration
  • Tourism
  • Forestry

Key Attractions

  • First Nations historical sites
  • Winter sports
  • River fishing

Indigenous Territory

  • Gitx̱san Lax̱yip (Gitxsan Nation)
  • Wet’suwet’en First Nation

Key Geography

  • Roche de Boule Peak Mountain Range


The Hazeltons are friendly, welcoming communities shaped by their roots in First Nations and early settler cultures.

Surrounding nature and wilderness provide easy access and endless adventures for outdoor enthusiasts. There are simply no words to describe the neighbouring gorgeous, Blue Lake. Popular activities include hiking, boating, catskiing, heliskiing, and of course: world-class fishing.

In fact, right up the river there are exclusive fishing lodges, a popular attraction for fishing enthusiasts far and wide. Imagine living right near the stunning, meandering wide rivers teeming with fish that flow through the Hazeltons that people travel the world to experience!

The Hazeltons enjoy strong, welcoming faith-based communities. The area is closely connected with local First Nations, realizing that they benefit from and depend on each other. Farming plays an integral role in the economy of the Hazeltons. From May through September the Hazelton Farmers’ Market sells only what is produced or grown in the Hazeltons and surrounding communities!


The Hazeltons enjoy a very appealing community layout, particularly the Village of Hazelton.

Indoor community spaces include a library and the brand new state-of-the-art, 54,000 square-foot Upper Skeena Recreation Centre. Wrinch Memorial Hospital provides acute, complex and community care and assisted living to the Hazeltons and beyond.

Known as the Totem Pole Capital of the World, the Hazeltons have many points of historical importance, including the world-renowned Ksan Historical Village and Museum and one of the highest suspension bridges in Canada, going over Canadian Grand Canyon, the spectacular Hagwilget Bridge.

The Hazeltons are located just 1.5 hours east of Terrace and only 45 minutes northwest of Smithers, with New Hazelton and South Hazelton situated right on Highway 16. The Hazeltons are serviced by Transit BC, operating within and between communities all the way to neighbouring Terrace and Smithers.

New Hazelton also has the nearby Northwest Community College campus.

Learn more about New Hazelton and the Village of Hazelton.