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Northwest BC has a long history in successful heavy industry and is on the cusp of unprecedented growth across sectors. Most recently, the single largest private investment in Canadian history was made in the region. Learn more about why this region offers a wealth of opportunities.


A significant contributor to the province's economy with two world-class ports serving international markets.

Retail trade

As communities in Northwest BC grow, so will the need for goods and services through both brick-and-mortar and online channels.


Over two dozen hospitals and a multitude of health and wellness providers serve over 300,000 people.

Transportation & Warehousing

Opportunities for transporting passengers and goods along with warehousing and storing goods continue to grow.


Businesses and skilled contractors involved in construction are in high demand. There are plenty of opportunities for home renovations within our booming construction industry.

Accommodation & Food Services

Growing communities, tourism and increased economic activity in the region has created strong demand for services and establishments within this industry.

Public Administration

Impactful, well-paid positions at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels are available.

Repair, Personal and Non-profit Services

Demand for skilled repair and maintenance professionals and personal services providers in the region continues to grow.


1 in 5 local jobs in the region are in forestry. This industry is the bedrock of Canada’s economy.

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