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Northwest BC is a region teeming with opportunities: cross-sector demand, high paying jobs, and countless opportunities for entrepreneurs.

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Nature and world-class adventure at your doorstep, affordable housing, modern amenities, laid-back vibes, a real sense of community, and thriving cultural scenes.

With many people reconsidering what they value in life and realizing they deserve more, what better time than now to make the move to NWBC! What are you waiting for?

Watch this video to see what life in Northwest BC is really like!

Quick Facts about Northwest BC

If short commutes, large numbers of employers looking to fill positions, and access to year-round outdoor adventure intrigue you – we invite you to learn more about Northwest BC:


The price of a home in Northwest BC is on average 4x cheaper than in Vancouver.


There are four hospitals in the region and a new, state of the art hospital is set to be operational by 2024.


We are equipped with high speed broadband internet, including Fiber Optic and LTE cell service.


There is a high demand for employees, particularly in the resource development, tourism and healthcare sectors.

What's Next?

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Considering making one of our communities home? These steps will help kick-off that move, and we’re here to help!

Step 1: Get to Know Northwest BC

Everything you need is in Northwest BC. Vast, lush landscapes; adventures, right-at-your-fingertips; short commutes from affordable homes and much more.

The Region

Step 2: Contact Us

If you would like to know more about our region, or more specifically, about one of the municipalities that are part of it, please contact us!

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Step 3: Plan your Relocation - With our Help!

Each of our communities can  provide you with needs-based resources so that your relocation process is a success!

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Interested in relocating?

There's no better time!

Hear real success stories from real people that have relocated to Northwest BC! Maggie Hall is one of them. She moved from downtown Vancouver with her partner a few years back and they couldn’t be happier. Watch as Maggie explains the decisions behind the move and what her experience living in NWBC has been like.

Watch this video to learn more of Maggie’s story.

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