It turns out, a lot of folks don’t yet know a whole lot about Northwest BC: that it’s a region rich in culture and history, that it’s home to unlimited outdoor adventure, or that it’s easy to travel to and from each community. You can fly to Vancouver in 1h 40min, and other main urban centres are easily accessible. 

While each community is unique, each one provides everything you need and many things you may not expect. 

If you’re new to the region or are considering a move, here are some highlights of what each close-knit community across Northwest BC has to offer:


While Terrace has one of the more diverse economies in the region and plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs and trained professionals, it is also known for its vibrant arts and culture scene and is home to impressive murals that are regionally inspired. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor recreation options, ranging from high-adrenaline adventures to family-friendly activities.

The Skeena Valley Farmers Market is a local favourite that has been in operation since 1982, with fresh and homemade products from the fertile Skeena Valley. 

For a unique weekend experience, visit the Nisga’a Memorial Lava Bed Provincial Park.

The Hazeltons

Made up of several communities and named for the hazel bushes that grow thick in the area, the Hazeltons are a big draw for tourists thanks to the magnificent Roche de Boule Range and the historic Hagwilget Canyon Bridge. There is also big potential for new businesses, particularly those looking to set up and succeed in the tourism industry.

Working adventurers dream big: why not remote work in the Hazeltons? The area has fibre optic internet and logistical infrastructure in place for prospective businesses.


This is a family-oriented community with some of the best river and ocean fishing on the west coast. There are lots of different ways to explore Kitimat, and locals love to take full advantage of its beauty and offerings. Recently, the largest private sector investment in Canadian history was made here, making future growth prospects for Kitimat strong.

Kitimat offers an opportunity to make your mark by building a career or starting a business, and it is currently experiencing a dramatic real estate boom.

Prince Rupert

Similar to its NWBC neighbours, Prince Rupert has magnificent landscapes and offers easy access to amazing outdoor adventures, excellent fishing and wildlife tours. This community has strong cultural roots and was recently chosen for the BC Culture Days showcase with 18 local artists spotlighted.

Have kids? Check out the temporary cruise ship aquarium in Prince Rupert and learn about local ecosystems and marine life.