With the average price of a single-family home around 4 times cheaper compared to Vancouver, Northwest BC is a region of immense opportunity. In addition to affordability, there are several large scale industrial projects being built, and significant infrastructure and health upgrades underway throughout the region to accommodate the growth being felt by industrial development and the influx of new residents.

There’s a lot going on up here! Now may be the time to give a closer look at what’s new and noteworthy in NWBC:

Prince Rupert

Prince Rupert is a surprisingly cosmopolitan seaside city, rich in history, with a world-class port – all with that small town vibe.

As part of the Prince Rupert 2030 Vision, the waterfront area is set to undergo exciting upgrades, including plans for Wheelhouse Brewing Company to occupy an old CN building. The City of Prince Rupert and Northern Saving Credit Union are also partnering to develop a new city centre.


Kitimat is a marvel of nature and industry and home to some of the best river and ocean fishing on the west coast. It is also home to the largest private sector investment in Canadian history.

Of note in Kitimat is the Haisla Bridge Replacement Project, which will accommodate increased traffic volumes, oversized load deliveries and construction traffic. The bridge serves as a critical corridor between community, industry and natural environments and serves as a critical connection between the Canadian and global economies.


The Hazeltons are picturesque and full of potential, with deep roots in First Nations and pioneer cultures. Officials are working to attract new businesses, permanent professionals and specialists, and are allocating investments into community programming.

Photo credit: Province of British Columbia

New in the Hazeltons is the Upper Skeena Recreation Centre, a brand new state-of-the-art 54,000 square foot facility that includes a library, fitness centre and a basketball court (gym).


Terrace has long been a hub for the region and home to some of the best outdoor adventures in B.C., and the many hiking and cycling trails enjoy regular upgrades.

There are exciting infrastructure and business developments happening in Terrace, such as the new, state-of-the-art Mills Memorial Hospital, set to be operational in 2024. Also of note is the expansion of Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse, along with rumblings of a distillery opening in the near future. Stay tuned!


Big news for climbers in Northwest BC!

The District of Kitimat is exploring a potential climbing wall for Riverlodge Recreation Centre! Aimed at amping up indoor activities, this project is seeking community input through upcoming surveys and public consultations. Read the full article here: Kitimat to explore […]

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